Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls 2

Swords and Souls 2 is a sequel to the highly played game "Swords and Souls". The original game had seen over 5 million unique hits on Armor games since it's release, and Swords and Souls 2 is poised to make the first one look simple by comparison. Not only can you play it online at your leisure, but it's also getting prepared to be greenlit on Steam, so it's coming to a system near you pretty soon!

Purpose of game

Swords and Souls 2

Now, you might be asking yourself then "What makes swords and Souls 2 better than the first?" The answer to that is everything you love about the first one made better. Do you love the arena combat? Better than ever. Do you love the upgrade system? It's improved. The varied training mini games kept things interesting? Think about it being more intuitive. All of it is in there, and a lot more that will make fans of the first enjoy, and new players to the Swords and Souls franchise enjoy joining in and seeing what makes the series fun again.

Plus with the game finally coming out on steam, that means that the developers "Soul Games" will be able to take the revenues and donations that came their way and further develop the series into something amazing in the future.