Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls

Who says that Flash gaming can't compare with a lot of the AAA titles you find for PC or Consoles? Enter in "Swords and Souls", a flash game that was recently developed by one of the better companies "SoulGame" to prove a lot of the critics wrong, and proves why a lot of times the free games that you find on the internet can compare, or even outright beat out a lot of the other games that you purchase. In fact thanks to Armor Games hosting, it's literally just a quick search away.


Sword and Soul

Now at this point, you might be asking yourself what the Swords and Souls game is all about then. Simply put, it's a game where you create a character, known as a gladiator, and start off in the area fighting bugs and moles and stuff. The game mechanics become apparent pretty quickly, as the helpful scarecrow tutorial helper walks you through the basics, and shows you how the game is completed. You have several different modes that you work in. The first mode is the "Arena" combat. In this screen, you're character fights at set intervals and attacks automatically, but you control your characters consumables and even special attacks as he fights.

The main secondary mode comes in the form of "Training". After the basic tutorial, you're allowed to purchase different training modes that act as mini-games. Strength and weapons training have you attacking thrown apples in order. Blocking has you moving your mouse to block incoming apple projectiles. Marksmanship training comes in the form of aiming your mouse and holding down the right button to aim for bullseyes, doing has you dodging incoming attacks from the scarecrow, and critical hit training has you performing a series of button clicks for critical attacks.

Purpose of game

Now you might be asking yourself: Whats the point of training? Why not just hit up the arena over and over again? The main reason you want to train is that training allows you to gain EXP that levels up your character, as well as improves the attribute you're training in. If you're training strength, you improve strength. Train blocking, you improve blocking, etc. You don't gain any money, but you do gain a massive amount of EXP that'll quickly allow you to overpower your opponents in the arena.

But wait, that's not all! What Swords and Souls also allow you to do is use your money to purchase better equipment, such as weapons, ranged weaponry, armor, and even shields. That way you can kick butt in the arena a lot harder with your additional training. Any excess money you want to spend? You can use it to pretty up a house, or even use it to lay a stake in the museum that's dedicated in your honor that also acts as an achievement guide to generate additional income.

Trust me when I say that you're going to be spending hours at this game just seeing how quickly you can develop your character and kick as much butt as you can.